We lead students from their very first steps, all the way to their Bharatanatyam graduation
We provide regular and intensive training in Bharatanatyam dance, technique, theory and music.
Ta Tai Tai Ta...
Bharatanatyam is the combination of vigorous lower body and footwork, with a spectacle of dance vocabulary through the limbs of the body and expressions of the face. It also invigorates the mind, requiring a whole new way of thinking, unlike any western dance form.
...Dhi Tai Tai Ta
At Chitraleka Dance Academy, our students learn to not only dance, but sing, recognise music, beat patterns and study theory. We provide teaching that awakens a whole host of skills in our students, in tight knit classes where new friends and teachers soon become family.
two bharatanatyam girls cheekily smiling
Nurturing talent in the community, within a safe and secure environment
Taking up a new hobby can be hard. Joining a new group can be even harder. Add mixing in with a whole bunch of new faces, of all ages, in a new environment, it's enough to scare anyone!

Luckily, our vibrant community of caring teachers, respected senior students and friendly students are here to make sure that new students become part of our family, feel comfortable and perhaps most importantly; have fun! Students often join us on their own, but they seldom ever leave without having made friends that last a lifetime.
Our classes are held in

Solihull and

located on the outskirts of Birmingham,
Friday, Saturday
and Sunday
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