We offer regular performance opportunities to students of all ages


Annual Showcase
Our annual event, ‘Samaagama’ (meaning 'a get together'), is organised every autumn.
This is a high profile event which provides students a platform to showcase their talents, knowledge and skills.


Our Development Intensive
Our Laasya programme is for developing dancers who wish to further their technique and performance skills. Those wishing to part-take in Laasya will need to attend an audition. Students who are chosen will go through a 3 hour weekly class focusing on repertoire, technique, core and strength.
(Minimum 6 years experience required).


Our Core Performance Group
Kaishiki is our elite performance group, for those who excel in their training at Chitraleka Dance Academy. The group meets weekly for 3 hours, working with visiting artists, choreographers and other specialists, focusing on repertoire, technique, core and strength.
(Minimum 8 years experience required).

Other Performances

The Academy regularly provides performance opportunities for the students at venues such as theatres and community centres.
For more information please get in touch.
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